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Updated: Jun 5, 2022


Wilja potatoes in the paper bag

Wilja potatoes are round to oval tubers with a uniform shape and curved ends. The skin is firm, brown to yellow, and rough, covered in patches of russet with a few, shallow to medium-set eyes. Wilja potatoes have a fluffy, soft consistency with the ability to hold their shape well when cooked. The tubers also have a robust, earthy flavour.


Wilja potatoes are available mid April/May.

Nutritional Value

Wilja potatoes with soil

Wilja potatoes are a good source of vitamin C and potassium, which are essential vitamins and minerals that allow the body to regulate fluids, rebuild collagen, and maintain organ functioning. The tubers also contain fiber, vitamin B6, manganese, folate, phosphorus, and magnesium.


An excellent all-rounder as far as cooking is concerned and makes the best boiled potatoes.

Wilja potatoes also best suited for cooked applications such as roasting and baking. The tubers are known for holding their shape and can be boiled without crumbling. Wilja potatoes can also be mashed and mixed with fragrant herbs, sliced and layered into casseroles, or thinly wedged and baked as a side dish. Wilja potatoes pair well with meats such as brisket, short ribs, prime rib, poultry, and lamb, cheeses such as feta, cheddar, and parmesan, red peppers, tomatoes, butternut squash, carrots, mushrooms, and leeks.


Wilja potatoes were created by Konst Research BV in the Netherlands in 1967. The variety was released to the market in 1975 and has seen success in the United Kingdom since its introduction.

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