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How to Make the Perfect Potato Soup

Whether you're looking for a comforting meal on a cold winter night or just want to whip up a quick, delicious dinner, potato soup is always the answer. This quintessential comfort food is easy to make, filling, and can be customized with whatever ingredients you have in your pantry. Let's take a look at how to make the perfect bowl of potato soup.

Start with Potatoes!

The foundation of any good potato soup is potatoes. You can use any type of potato that you like; Maris Piper potatoes are great for mashing up for a creamy texture, while Cyprus potatoes are full of flavour but still hold their shape when boiled. Peel and dice your potatoes into one-inch cubes and then boil them until they’re tender enough to mash—about 20 minutes. Drain them once they’re done cooking, reserving some of the starchy cooking liquid to thicken up the soup later on.

Add Flavourful Ingredients

Once your potatoes are cooked, it's time to add some flavour! Aromatic vegetables like onion and garlic will add depth to your soup while also helping to thicken it up. As far as seasonings go, fresh herbs are always a good option—parsley and thyme both work well in this recipe—as do spices like cumin and paprika. Don't forget about salt and pepper too! Once everything is added, let it all simmer together for about 10 minutes so that the flavours have time to combine.

Bring It All Together

Now that all your ingredients are added, it's time to bring it all together! Start by adding some cream or milk (or non-dairy alternatives) which will help give the soup its signature richness and creaminess. Give everything a stir until it's fully combined, then check the consistency—if it's too thick for your liking, thin it out by adding some more broth or water until you reach your desired consistency. Taste test one last time before serving; if needed add another pinch of salt or pepper depending on what flavors need balancing out. Serve hot with crusty bread or top with crispy bacon bits for an extra bit of crunch!

There you have it—the perfect bowl of potato soup! This simple dish can be adjusted depending on what ingredients you have on hand as well as personal preference so feel free to experiment with different flavours and textures until you find something that works for you. With just a few simple steps you'll be able to whip up a cozy bowl of homemade potato soup in no time! Enjoy!

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