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Golden Wonders

Updated: Nov 25, 2022


Golden Wonder tubers are long and oval with a thick russet skin. They cook floury and dry with an intensely rich, tasty, traditional potato flavour which also improves with storage.

Golden Wonder are a late maturing maincrop and therefore should be planted as early as possible to produce a large crop. They have great resistance to common scab and dry rot.


It is very dry and floury and is ideal for baking, roasting and frying, but needs close attention paid when boiling, as it will disintegrate in the boiling water if left too long.


The potato was originally found in the UK, by a Mr. Brown of Arbroath, Scotland, in 1906. It is a periclin

al chimera with an outer layer of the variety 'Golden Wonder' and an inner core of the variety 'Langworthy'

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